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How to attract the best tenants!

Collecting a monthly check for a rental property can be quite nice, especially when you are able to use the extra income for hobbies or other investments. It makes sense that improving your property will lead to higher rental rates, but making budget-conscious upgrades is a great way to experience an increase in rent charged without excessive spending. Capitalize on Discounts or Discontinuations can help you make these positive changes. Since property managers go through the process of renting to quite a few tenants in different property types and neighborhoods, they know what people are interested in seeing when
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2015 – Let’s do it!

Happy New Year!  We are grateful to have such a powerful and wonderful team at Call Realty.  We are ready to help you achieve your 2015 Real Estate Goals.  Our property management division, LeasingAZ, is here to offer the best service in protecting your real estate investments.
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